Marty Hjortshoj
teaches the Alexander Technique

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We want to be whole. Yet we still think of ourselves in parts: stiff necks, tired backs, untoned muscles.
In lessons you will become aware of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  With verbal instruction and non-invasive touch you will learn to release chronically held tension and to integrate yourself according to fundamental principles of movement and balance.

About Marty Hjortshoj

I've been living and gardening in Ithaca since 1970.  I began teaching the Alexander Technique in 1990.  In addition to private practice, I taught group classes through the Physical Education Dept at Cornell for five years and was a guest teacher in the Theatre Dept at Ithaca College for many years.  I have also been a visiting teacher at Alexander training programs in Japan and Germany.  Currently, I am a regular faculty member at the  Alexander Alliance Teacher Training Program in Philadelphia.

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