Alexander Technique Ithaca, Martha Hjortshoj

Martha offers Alexander lessons from her home in Eastern Heights, Ithaca, NY. Sometimes she combines the Alexander work with Tai Chi, which was a component of her training.

Martha teaching Alexander Technique in her home in Ithaca NY
Martha Hjortshoj (right) teaching Alexander Technique in her home in Ithaca NY



Martha began teaching the Alexander Technique in 1990 after training at the Alexander Alliance Program in Philadelphia, directed by Martha Hansen Fertman and Bruce Fertman. During her time at the school Martha studied with many teachers, including two of F. M. Alexander’s first generation teachers, Marjorie Barstow and Elizabeth Walker. She received further advanced training with Marie Francoise le Foll in Paris in 1992 and completed  the ‘The Carrington way of working’ with John Nichols in New York City in 2007.

Martha Hjortshoj teaching Alexander Technique to a musician
Alexander Technique for musicians

From 1997 to 2004 she was a faculty member in the Alexander Alliance Teacher Training program in Philadelphia. Martha taught in Germany and Japan, as well as classes in the Physical Education Department at Cornell for five years. Martha continues to be a guest teacher in the Theatre Arts Department at Ithaca College.